April 2 2023

Jesus’ Suffering and Death for the Life of the World           

Jesus opened up a way for anyone and everyone to come home. He has given us a church family that welcomes one another on this journey. There are so many people who are praying, sharing, and caring for each other in this place. Above all, we point one another to Jesus. His love is renewing us every day. 

We don’t always get it right. There are struggles, questions, and failures. These make the moments of being welcomed and of welcoming others all the richer.

A Few Words of Thanks…

  • Thank you to Natasha Skea for taking the lead on finding and framing the art print of “The Return of the Prodigal.” Thanks also to Timothy Long for his help, and Jim Ellemers and Derrick Bellows for hanging the picture.
  •  Thanks to Sue and Dell Bornowsky who scrubbed down all the pews over several days recently and made some repairs as well.
  •  Thank you to everyone helping out with the Saturday lunch program alongside people from churches from across the city and across denominations. Over a hundred people came out last week. Need is increasing across charities in our city. Thanks to the Italian Star Deli who have been providing all the sandwich meats every week with a generous discount.
  •  Thank you to all the singers and musicians ministering through the Easter concert, and to those who provided refreshments afterwards.

And there are many more folks helping in all kinds of ways and with all ages.

For 132 years, First Baptist has been faithful in downtown Regina to share what we receive from God: a warm, loving welcome, new life, and goodness in abundance.

I am grateful to walk through the week of darkness with you. And I look forward, God willing, to celebrating Jesus’ resurrection and entering into his joy with you once again

With love,

Pastor Joel



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