June 2024

Growing Under the Care of the Holy Spirit        

You can try and watch something grow but most of the time growth is so slow you can’t see it happening. Then one day you look and the growth is unmistakable. The growth of children can be striking in this way, sometimes it is as if they grew overnight. It is harder to see it in ourselves or in our own lives, but the Holy Spirit is at work of in our lives in a similar way.

After Pentecost, we move into “ordinary time” in the church calendar and drape green in the church. Over half of the calendar is taken up with ordinary time, a reminder that most of our life is spent not in the high points of the story but in daily life, and slow, subtle growth.

Ordinary comes from the Latin word for “order,” as in “living ordered lives.” It doesn’t mean “plain” or “uneventful”, it is a invitation to choose to plan your life according to God’s way of life. The colour green is meant to remind us that daily, healthy growth as Christians most often comes slowly and imperceptibly. Others may notice the change even if we can’t perceive it. May we not grow weary in doing what is right. However, this season follows Pentecost, the coming the Holy Spirit, because our growth is the work of the Holy Spirit. We will grow most by seeking daily to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

With Love, Pastor Joel


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