Summer 2024

Summer Story Time                   

Summer affords many of us a chance to relax with a good book. On Sundays this summer, we will be reading through a number of the stories of David, found in the books of Samuel and Kings. This  summer, perhaps you might take some time to read through these again on your own as we go through them on Sundays. Even better, read through the Psalms at the same time. Many of the Psalm are attributed to David and sometimes we are even told at what point in the story David wrote them.

David’s stories can still grab our attention even though they are thousands of years old. The thunderclap of the prophet’s accusation against the king, “You are the man!” David’s heart-piercing cry, “O my son! My son, my son! Would that I had died in your place!” His courage and villainy, his public humiliation and victories – we are able to read and reflect on them as very personal, human stories.

They are also part of salvation history and western history. King David’s stories lie at the heart of the story of the rise of and fall of Israel. The people longed for a land of their own, a place to live in peace. They asked for good laws and government. They built a temple for God as the place of his presence on earth. David and Solomon remain in our minds as a kind mythical, glorious kingdom but ultimately, they fell short of bringing a perfect kingdom on earth. The story ends in 2 Kings just as it started in 1 Samuel, with defeat and the presence of God departed.

As we look toward elections this fall first in our city, then our province, and then in Washington, perhaps these stories could help us. Good leadership really does matter. What does that look like? What virtues and character could we seek in politicians and civil servants?

The stories of David’s kingdom remind us that as the church, we are connected to an ancient story. God has made us into a people and a nation. We seek the welfare of our cities and our nations but to do so with a long view of history. As we serve in our neighbourhood and prepare to vote, we are not dependent on any one leader or government. We are watching and working for a kingdom that is coming. It will have no end and will be right and good for everyone because Jesus will be there at the heart of it.

May God be our peace and our hope as we persevere in love through all our times.

With Love, Pastor Joel


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