Rev. Joel Russell-MacLean – Lead Pastor

     Rev. Dr. Richard Hovey – Associate Pastor

     Rev. Kayely Rich – Associate Pastor

     Chris Senger – Youth Leadership

     Rev. Norma Holtlander – Chaplain

     Dr. Melissa Morgan – Interim Director of Music



     Esther Gurnsey – Communications Lead


Board of Directors

     Ron Phillips – Chair

     Collin Carbno – Past Chair

     Kevin Rich – Treasurer

     Brenda Ziolkowski – Secretary

     Barry Lyons

     Adija Pusi

     Tiffany Stafford-Lai



A covenant of Fellowship of First Baptist Church, Regina, Saskatchewan

We, the members of First Baptist Church, Regina, covenant together to walk with Christ and each other in the fellowship of Holy love, to gather together regularly for united worship, to search the Scriptures for understanding of the Christian way of life, to serve God and each other in love and humility.

We will recognize the worth of each individual within our community, regardless of age or circumstances, recognizing that we are all precious in God’s sight.

We will uphold each other in prayer and will offer kindness, forgiveness, and mercy to each other as Christ has offered to us.

We will give cheerfully of our time, talents and finances so that God’s work would prosper in this place.

We will recognize Christ’s presence in every aspect of our lives and will seek to honour Him in all that we say and do – at church, in our homes, and at our places of employment. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we will seek to follow Christ throughout our lives.

FBC Bylaws