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September 2023

Invited to Be Faithful            This summer, our van reached a milestone – 250,000km on the odometer. Once safe, I parked, took a picture and thanked God for the gift of a reliable family vehicle. God’s faithfulness to us is evident in a variety of ways. How have you seen God’s …

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Summer 2023

The Garden and The City       Summer is a time for being outside in Regina. People head to the cabin, go to camp, hike in the country, and explore gardens or city parks. We have great places in Regina for walking or biking. Many Christians count on these times for renewal and rest. Being renewed …

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June 4 2023

Every year we pass through three celebrations: Jesus’ ascension to the Father’s presence, the Holy Spirit sent by the Father to us, and finally, Trinity Sunday. These celebrations highlight that the Godhead has three distinct persons who, together, are one being. Each person is fully God—not one third of God. But at the same time …

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May 21 2023

I hope this finds you well as spring arrives in earnest in Regina. This past week, many trees leafed out quickly. I spent a few days south of Indian Head in a little secluded valley. Some of you may remember Fred and Betty Anderson. I was staying in a simple, little cabin they built by …

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May 7 2023

We are finally enjoying the first sunny days above freezing. For some, the coming weeks meaning cleaning homes, inside and out. We have gone through closets and cabinets. Some things were put away, some brought out, and others were no longer needed. Seeds have been planted and there’s yard work ahead of hoped-for warm weather. …

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