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March 19 2023

In 2021, the CBWC launched “Kurios” (the Greek word for “Lord”)—an 8-month opportunity for young adults led by Steve Simala-Grant. It includes a 6- week, immersive cross-cultural experience in Central America. The students live together, cook and eat together, and commit to praying together each day around chores, studies, and new experiences as they visit …

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March 5 2023

We’ve had a number of meaningful times together recently as Epiphany came to a close and Lent began. The children provided much of the leadership on Transfiguration Sunday. Even the littlest ones helped with prayers and readings. It is so good to be part of a church that attempts to embrace all generations. We strive …

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February 19 2023

Lent 2023         Many of you will remember Jeane and Jack Buyze, a couple who immigrated from the Netherlands after the second World War. I know many of you can still hear Jack and Harry Vedlhuis’ vocal duets. I still imagine I see Jeane cycling around Regina, as she did into her 90s. They impacted …

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February 5 2023

Pastoral Staff Update        Cheryl and Joel are attending a denomination retreat from February 6 to 8th, joining pastors from across Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Kayely is unable to attend this year, so she and Esther will be around to handle anything that comes up. Kayely and Cheryl have been planning and running a …

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January 22 2023

The past few weeks, frost has painted our trees heavily and neither wind nor sun have interfered. They’ve granted us moments of white-arched streets lit by yellow street lamps and warm home windows; brilliant, white tree-lace against blue sky; and soft white tendrils subtly merging into soft grey clouds. Every day on my walks to …

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