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These excerpts are taken from “The Golden Jubilee History” and “Celebration – The First One Hundred Years”.

The Early Years

Our Church was not the earliest Baptist Church in what was then the North West Territories of Canada, but it was amongst the first.

fbc_oldchrchThe organization meeting of “FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, REGINA” was held on Sunday, September 6th, 1891 with fifteen members.

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The Cyclone

fbc_damageJune 30th, 1912, was a very historic but tragic date. It was a very hot Sunday and about 4:30 in the afternoon, a black cloud appeared in the south. At ten minutes to five, a terrific cyclone swept through the city.

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The Golden Jubilee

fbc_bentallThe Church managed to grow and flourish over the next thirty years, in spite of two world wars that occurred. From this congregation, 148 men enlisted.

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Restoration – The Postwar Years

Soon after the end of the ’40s, the Church had to face the necessity for long-delayed building renovations, and respond to the forces for suburban expansion and wider denominational needs. So, with rising optimism of the post-war period, the leadership of the Church began to feel its way toward new ministries, with a growing conviction that a basic requirement was an enlarged commitment to stewardship by the membership.

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Years of Decline – The ’60s and ’70s

The ’60s and ’70s were difficult years for the Church. Membership was not growing. Families were moving to newly established churches. Sunday School attendance was failing due to a lack of younger families. There were fewer baptisms than funerals.

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Growth – The ’80s

fbc_baxterSensing a potential if needs could be properly met, Rev. Baxter found the leadership open to his insistence that an Associate Pastor for Youth be engaged within a year. In July, 1979, the Rev. Gary Nelson became our Minister of Christian Education. Change began.

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The Centennial

In 1991, First Baptist Church undertook the largest building project since the building opened in 1912. Eighty years had passed since our building was constructed and 30 years since the last major renovation. The building in the early ’90s was structurally unsound and did not meet building code standards of safety.

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Planning for the Future 1996

In August of 1996, the Church board of First Baptist Church received information from the City of Regina Fire Department and SGI Insurance, regarding the condition of the house to the south, owned by the Church. This building housed classroom space, storage space, and provided a space for the church Junior high and Senior high youth groups to hold some of their activities.

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Planning for the Future 2018

The Church Health and Renewal survey, report and implementation took place in 2018.


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