Music Ministry

Musical KEY For You

The music ministry of First Baptist Church of Regina exists to enhance the worship experience.  It is an exciting and diverse program that invites people of all ages, abilities, and interests to make a joyful sound TOGETHER in a “caring music family environment.” A wide range of musical expression is fostered, utilizing and nurturing the musical talents of its music family members.

Music at FBC is focused upon People rather than Programs. People participating in music-making, experience music as one of the great ingredients of life, health, strength and happiness!

“Music is to the mind as air is to the body.” (Plato)

The FBC music ministry desires to attract not only talented and experienced musicians, but also to encompass all who love music in either a performing or listening capacity. Understanding that music speaks to each of God’s people in a distinctly personal manner, a variety of styles are presented.  There is a melody in the heart and mind of every person yearning to be sung.  Through our Caring Music Community at FBC, we attempt to give wings to this music:  “Music, once admitted to the soul, becomes a sort of spirit and never dies.” (Bulwer)

Those participating in the music program at FBC are encouraged to work for high standards of ministry, to accept and support new programs, to teach the heritage of hymnody, to expand the appreciation of hymns and choruses to complement the overall programming and goals of the Church.  In return, participants can expect growth and enjoyment.

Why not join in and experience for yourself the JOY of making music together with others?  Whether your gift is large or small, we are interested in you as a person and what other attributes besides music you might bring to our midst.  In God’s service, our abilities begin with a Humble attitude of Availability.  Will you make yourself AVAILABLE?  We have a KEY place of harmony for YOU!


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