Sunday Worship

We affirm the historic Christian creeds as valid summaries of Christian belief. We hold a high view of the authority of Scripture. We stand in the historical evangelical tradition. But at the same time we not only welcome and encourage, but expect thinking and a thoughtful faith. We take it very seriously when Jesus said “…love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul and with all your strength, and with all your mind.” (Luke 10.27 NRSV)

Questions are OK

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

This is a place where questions are encouraged, not ignored or hushed. The answer to every question isn’t black and white or easy to reach. We don’t think “pat” answers are helpful. We welcome those who are seeking answers, who are skeptical about Christianity, who have doubts, and who aren’t sure.

Sunday Services

We value a reflective style of worship, which draws from the wisdom of centuries of Christian worship. There is a very clear structure to the way we worship. It’s deliberate. And it’s different from many evangelical churches. We don’t worship the structure, but we have discovered having a structure gives us freedom to enter deeply into God’s presence.


Sermons at First aren’t about providing entertainment, nor are they pep talks. They invite the listener to think, reflect – and act. We want people to learn how to think theologically  for themselves.


First is widely known as “the music church” in Regina. We have a strong choral music programme, and we are enriched by having many highly qualified instrumentalists – a number of whom also play in the Regina Symphony Orchestra – as part of our congregation. We are one of the few churches in western Canada to have an ordained minister of music on our staff.


We don’t have the traditional Sunday school with everything aimed at having a “moral.”  We see children’s ministry as spiritual formation, shaping children to become followers of Christ. Children’s church aims to guide children into living a life of worship and obedience to God. We consciously try to include children in our worship service. And we believe very strongly that “children’s programs” are not just for kids. It’s about equipping parents to share and live their faith at home.

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