Sermon Audio by Phone

The COVID-19 crisis impacted our church and affected many of us in different ways. Those of us without the devices, computers, and knowledge to connect to the Internet felt even more isolated. To help address this, First Baptist Church implemented a service called “Dial-the-Sermon”.

A recent sermon is available to listen to on your phone — any landline or cell phone — by dialing (306) 992-1912 (toll-free within the Regina area). This is an easy way for anyone who is limited to a telephone for communication, to hear the sermon from a recent worship service. This number takes you straight to the sermon recording — there are no menu or option choices that you will be required to make. The recording is typically the most recent sermon but may not be posted for a day or two after the Sunday service.

Dial-the-Sermon (306) 992-1912


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