Spiritual Disciplines

What is spir­i­tu­al for­ma­tion? How is it to be described in the lan­guage of con­tem­po­rary life?

We were made to worship! Our fallen humanity, however, often leads us into worship of things that lead us further away from our true purpose in life as human beings created in the image of God – to worship God by loving him with all of our heart, mind, strength and soul, and loving our neighbours as ourselves.

In this series on the spiritual disciplines we will be looking at ways we can reorient our lives around what ought to be our first love (God) and from there to live with love for all others in this world. We will reason together via some spiritual disciplines on the truths that should guide us; through other disciplines we’ll reflect on the implications of these truths for our personal lives; thirdly we will practice disciplines that will carry truth into our relationships with all others; lastly, we will reach for the ideal of the Kingdom of God in our world as we train ourselves to live in love, faithfully resting in our God, and practicing peace.

Please join us in defining Spirituality, Spiritual Formation, and Spiritual Disciplines over the next few months with a view to developing and improving your own Christian habits.


Spiritual Practice   Date
Why practice Spiritual Disciplines?  June 1
Study  June 8
Memorization of Scripture  June 15
Devotional Reading  June 22
Meditation/Contemplation  June 29
Guidance  July 6
Examen  July 13
Journaling  July 20


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