October 10 2021

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Looking Toward the Harvest

Bulletin: Bulletin October 10 2021

Newsletter: Weekly Letter Octover 10 2021

Scriptures: James 3:13-18, 5:7-20; Psalm 112; Matthew 7:7-14


Joel Russell-MacLean

James compares salvation to a harvest. This life and the world that is coming are connected. Our loving words and actions in this life are like seeds sown ahead of a harvest of righteousness.

James also reminds us that we have to wait for the harvest. This takes a lot of patience! It is easy to begin to lose sight of the nature and timing of God’s harvest and focus instead on more immediate, material goals that we can reach in this life.

We may not live to see the fruit of our labour but the first fruits of God’s harvest are there for all to see in Jesus, raised from the dead.


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