August 15 2021

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Take Courage and Wait

Bulletin: Bulletin Aug 15 2021

Newsletter: August 15 2021

Scriptures: Psalm 27, 2 Peter 3.1-13


Joel Russell-MacLean

“What shall I fear?” The Hebrew singer asked rhetorically. We can imagine them answering, “Nothing!”

If it were me, the answer would be, “Lots!” 

It is of course specifically when things are not going well that we need strength and that we need to be encouraged. When do we need courage? Not when everything is going well. We need to be strong when we are enduring something, feeling overwhelmed, or facing a threat of some kind. 

Psalm 27 is a prayer by someone in the midst of trouble. 

I think fear was right there, gripping their heart while they tried to keep the panic at bay. 

There was no quick fix. Saying this prayer didn’t make their trouble vanish. The last line gives away how things were going as they finished praying:

“Wait for the Lord! 

Wait for the Lord!”

That doesn’t sound casual and carefree. It sounds like hard work. 

At the heart of this Psalm, we see that knowing God helped them to keep going. “Now my head is lifted up!” They wrote, aware that they were in God’s presence. 


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