L4L: Christ’s Letters to the Church ONLINE

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This event finished on 27 June 2021

A study on Revelation 2-3

May 16 to June 27 2021

Please join us online for the sessions – Click this link 

What is Christ looking for in his Church?

On May 16th, Pastor Richard began a new series: “Christ’s Letters to the Church.” This 7-week course is looking at the letters of Christ to the seven churches (Revelation 2 – 3).

In Revelation 2 and 3 we find seven letters from Christ to seven different churches. These letters contain, generally, both words of commendation and condemnation. They lead us to ask: what is Christ looking for in his Church? What are considered strengths in a local church? What are weaknesses?

We will work through one letter a week, asking as well what elements of each letter contain significance as we reflect upon our own church (of which we are each individually a part).

This L4L course will be held for 7 weeks beginning May 16. For more information, contact the church or Pastor Richard .

Taught by Rev. Dr. Richard Hovey




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