November 13 2022

On Sunday, October 30th, our children and teens did a great job telling the story of Nehemiah and God’s people rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. A few of them helped lead the music as well. It is so good to be part of a church that receives the gifts that children offer, and affirms them.

We also observed a time of remembrance ahead of November 11th. We have three church members who served, Matthew Field, Norman Latham and Eva McMillan, and we have connections to others currently serving. We offer our prayers for those who have served and are serving in our military and in our police forces.

The seasons moved rather abruptly from fall to winter recently. I know many of us pray for warm weather and little to no snow. Unfortunately, at the same time, other First Baptist folks are actively and fervently praying for lots of snow for snowmen, snow forts, tobogganing, and skiing and for ice to skate on. I guess we know who God favours!

As winter settles around us, may God be near you and keep you warm, safe and blessed.

With love,


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