October 4 2020

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Learning for Life: Romans 9:30

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The Seal of Authority

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Scriptures: Colossians 1.13-23; Psalm 97; John 1.10-18



Joel Russell-MacLean

Jesus has been given God’s authority over all things and all things come into being through him.

The Queen’s role in Canada can help us reflect on Jesus’ role in the world. The Queen is our head of state. Her image secures our money. In her name, our laws are signed into being and enforced. Through her, our governments are formed and given authority. In other words, we could say that through her, our nation, economy, and ordered way of life come into being.

Jesus’ authority continues to be questioned by humanity, just as it was when he was rejected and crucified. It is through him, however, that everything holds together. A new kingdom was inaugurated in his life, death, and resurrection. One day, he will be all in all. There will only be his kingdom.

The choice to look to Jesus as the highest authority in the world remains the one critical question all humanity must face sooner or later.


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