October 11 2020

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Learning for Life: Romans 9:30

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Abounding in Thanksgiving

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Scriptures: John 17.1-2, 14-23; Psalm 147; Colossians 1.23b – 2.7



Joel Russell-MacLean

This thanksgiving we are more aware than before just how much our relationships mean to us. For many people, right now coming into contact with other is a deliberate choice because of health concerns. Paul was in prison, absent in body but with the people he love in spirit. He toiled, struggled, and used all his energy for his church.

I believe in the holy catholic church.

We are thankful to be part of such a good and meaningful congregation. It is together with the church that God’s word is known. It is together that we are established and built up. And it is  together that we find we are abounding in thanksgiving.


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