October 29 2023

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“Choose Life”

Bulletin: October 29 2023

Scriptures: Deuteronomy 30:11-20; Psalm 119:1-8; Matthew 7:12-14,24-27; James 1:19-27,2:8-13



Kayely Rich

As we near the end of our reading through Deuteronomy, we will look at the choice that God gave his people. 

The law gave Israel a way to live that would allow families, villages, cities, animals, and the land itself, to thrive. The law was for “their lasting good” and “to keep them alive.” Other nations would be impressed with the wisdom of their way of life. 

Deuteronomy describes a faith that is lived and shared. One generation taught the next by living it out in homes, at work, at rest – everywhere. Many times, the vision revealed is beautiful. Would they choose the way of life? 


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