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“Following Moses and All the Saints”

Bulletin: November 5 2023

Scriptures: Deuteronomy 34; Psalm 90; Hebrews 11:13-16; Matthew 17:1-3



Joel Russell-MacLean

How does it end? That’s what we want to know when we are reading a good book. How do Deuteronomy and the five books of the law end? The final chapter is the death of Moses.

These books are so carefully put together that it is unlikely that ending with Moses’ death is haphazard or included just as an epilogue to satisfy curiosity.

The first five books of the bible were meant to teach God’s people a way of life. And this side of Eden, a way of life must include a way to die.

Moses modelled dying with faith.

It was God’s timing, not Moses’. Moses had unfinished work and unfilled dreams, but he trusted and obeyed God. Moses prepared the next generation and entrusted everything to their care.

Deuteronomy describes a faith that is lived and shared. One generation taught the next by living it out in homes, at work, at rest – right through death. 

We celebrate All Saints Day to remember all those like Moses who have died in faith so that we might find the courage and strength to be faithful ourselves. 

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