May 30 2021

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Scriptures: Isaiah 6.1-3; Romans 5.1-6; Psalm 29; John 14.1-7, 15-20


Joel Russell-MacLean

If someone asks me, “What kind of car was it?” they are in for disappointment. I can tell the difference between cars, trucks, and vans but not much beyond that! But then, I’ve never really cared about cars. 

Now someone who loves cars can look at a car and maybe recognize make and model, and maybe tell you something of that model’s story. 

Shouldn’t it be the same for Christians talking about God? Shouldn’t we be quick and comfortable talking about the Father, Son and Holy Spirit? 

There are two ditches when we talk about the Trinity.

The one ditch is making understanding the Trinity a matter of losing favour with God. God’s love and mercy are always and only a gift from God, given before we knew anything about God. 

However, the other ditch is saying the Trinity doesn’t really matter.

God has stepped into history and into our lives, and the God we see and hear is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

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