May 28 2023

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“The Holy Spirit Is Lord”

Pentecost Sunday

Joel Russell-MacLean

I will put my spirit within you,

and you shall live!

Did something change in human history with the coming of the Holy Spirit? Did people only have a new understanding of their connection to God? Or was something new possible for human beings with the descent of the Holy Spirit? Did the potential for life and love increase in human hearts? That is one way of reading the story of the law, the prophets and the New Testament. 

We can make the question much more personal and applicable – have we been filled with the Holy Spirit?

Do I have a new connection to God? 

Has my heart changed?



For those who may wish to prayerfully contemplate and invite the Holy Spirit, we recommend this choral rendition of the Latin hymn Veni Creator Spiritus – (Come Creator Spirit) .

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