June 4 2023

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“A Seat at God’s Table”

Trinity Sunday

Joel Russell-MacLean

At the culmination of his ministry, Jesus said, 

“I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you… We will come to you and make our home with you… that you may be one as Father and I are one— I in you and you in me.”

This Sunday, we celebrate that Jesus has revealed God to humanity: the one God is the Father, the Son, Holy Spirit: trinity in unity and unity in trinity. Before Jesus was born for us and among us, creation and humanity hid before God. But now, with eyes uncovered, we are invited to look at God and know God. God has forgiven our sins and addressed our shame so that we might come before him. 

This Sunday, we will celebrate God’s invitation to know God by taking a seat at his table. There is a seat there, prepared and waiting for you. 

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