March 27 2022

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Preparing for Birth

The Fourth Sunday in Lent


Bulletin: March 27 2022

Newsletter: March 27, 2022

Scriptures: Isaiah 66:7-14; Psalm 113; John 16:16-33


Ron Phillips

Preparing for birth is one of the happiest times in a couple’s life, a time of eager anticipation.  But how can one truly prepare for such a life-changing event?!  We frequently use birth as a metaphor: we give birth to ideas, we birth a dream, and sadly, we can give birth to consequences we never anticipated nor desired.
Jesus uses the metaphor of birth to speak of a new world coming.
If only his disciples could see it!  Are we able to see it?  To enter it?
Many of us have our attention on the humanitarian crisis unleashed in Ukraine. Please use your Lenten fast to pray for all the people involved and consider giving to CBM or other charities.




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