April 3 2022

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Finishing Our Work

The Fifth Sunday in Lent


Bulletin: April 3, 2022

Newsletter:  April 3, 2022

Scriptures: Ephesians 3:14-21; Psalm 71; John 17


Joel Russell-MacLean

Jesus came to his final moments and final words with his friends. He knew what the others refused to hear or believe: he was about to be arrested and taken away. Jesus circled back several times over what the disciples needed to know, even if they couldn’t really understand at the moment what he meant. And then, as the soldiers drew nearer, Jesus prayed. With that, he had done what he could for his friends. Soon, he would be on his own. 

Jesus had finished the work the Father had given him. He had kept his followers from harm. He loved them and shared with them everything he received from the Father. 

Many of us have our attention on the humanitarian crisis unleashed in Ukraine. Please use your Lenten fast to pray for all the people involved and consider giving to CBM or other charities.




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