July 18 2021

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Scriptures: Psalm 73, John 6.28-31, Acts 17:30-31


Joel Russell-MacLean

When a person is lost or disorientated they may feel like giving up. A greater perspective might help, a view of the horizon so they might see where they are and re-orientate.

A map is meant to provide a wider view, a larger perspective, so we can get a better picture of where we are when we can’t see far.

We can get lost and disorientated in life and in those moments, it is tempting to close in on ourselves, to stop looking to God or to others, and to only see our trouble, the unfairness of life. It is easy in those moments to become lost in what we are feeling.

A picture of a good life takes in the widest possible view.

Psalm 73 is about a person who was disorientated. The psalmist looked at the world but only saw a part of it. The more discouraged she got, the narrow her view became. It was only when she widened her view to include the assembly of God’s people and God and eternity that her world began to make sense again.


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