July 12 2020

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Learning for Life: Ecclesiastes  9:30

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Graves of Craving

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Bulletin: July 12 2020

Newsletter:Weekly Letter July 5 2020

Scriptures: Exodus 16:1-15; Number 11:4-6; 31-35; Psalm 78 (select verses)


Richard Hovey

Sometimes it is hard to be content with what we have, especially when it is what God has provided – all that God has provided. The Israelites, delivered from slavery in Egypt, are now trekking through the desert with “nothing to eat” – the reality is there was food to eat, just not the food they wanted. What rules our cravings? Why do we at times desire things other than what God has provided in the moment? How do we find contentment and pleasure in God’s provision? God was angered by the Israelites lack of thankfulness, and gave them what they asked for (meat to eat which they craved), but it came at a cost.



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