February 28 2021

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Without His Cross

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Scriptures: Genesis 17: 1-7, 15, 16; Psalm 22: 23-31; Mark 8: 27-38


John Nelson

In Mark 8: 27-38, Jesus poses two questions to His disciples:
“Who do people say that I am?” Jesus’ disciples responded with hesitation, but their answers reflected that the people did not know who Jesus was.
Jesus second question was more significant and was directed to the disciples: “Who do YOU say that I am?” Jesus begins to teach.

Is it enough to know what others say about Jesus? Or is there more to understand? In this Gospel passage, Jesus is preparing His followers for His dramatic journey to the cross, to His death, and to His resurrection. There are many Life Lessons taught by Jesus. One disciple would stand out amongst the rest, Peter, the Rock.
Would the disciples comprehend everything that Jesus was teaching?

Come reflect upon the cross of Christ. As followers of Jesus Christ, “we cannot bear the image of the cross, without bearing His cross.” Do you want to learn more about the significance of this statement?


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