L4L: The Life and Teachings of Jesus ONLINE

Jesus’ Earthly Ministry: Revealing the Heart of God

Beginning January 24 2021

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Who is Jesus? What did he teach, both by the way he lived and in his words?

We learn much about Jesus from his interactions with others as well as from his longer teaching sections. We will be focusing on the Gospels (Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John) in discovering how Jesus in his earthly life revealed the heart of God. In this, Jesus revealed not only God’s heart toward humanity but also how our hearts ought to be toward one another. We will work through the four Gospels together (chronologically), allowing them to shape the account of Jesus’ life and teachings. Throughout the course we will be asking the important question of what this means for us here and now.

This course will start on January 24 and run until May 23, 2021 (18 sessions).

Taught by Rev. Dr. Richard Hovey




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