December 10 2023

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“Seeing Clearly, Thanks to the Peace of Jesus”

Bulletin: Bulletin December 10

Scriptures: Romans 13: 8-14, Psalm 50; Luke 21:29-38



Joel Russell-MacLean

Our world is in need of the hope, peace, joy, and love the church celebrates each Advent and Christmas. Really, all of us need them.

In this season, there are lots of opportunities to be drawn into celebrations. Work, family, and friends are holding parties. Community choirs, bands, and churches are holding concerts. City streets and homes are decorated with lights. All of these things affect our hearts and spirits for the better. 

Advent and Christmas in the church invite us to something deeper. They encourage us to allow Jesus to be born in our hearts. 

Jesus enters our lives not as a helpless baby but as one with life and authority. He comes to address the ways our hearts are still attached to things that will cause problems. He brings gifts with him: hope, peace, joy, and love. 

We can see how the world needs these gifts. Sometimes, we realize how much we need them too. This is our chance to receive more than the passing fun of parties or the enjoyment of concerts. This is our chance, once again or for the first time, to welcome Jesus into our lives. 

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