L4L: The Gospel of John

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This event finished on 01 May 2022

Sunday Mornings, January 9th to May 1, 2022

Please join us online for the sessions – Click this link 

The Gospel of John

John’s Gospel has proved to be both accessible to those reading it for the first time, and increasingly challenging the more it is read. The whole Gospel is centered on Jesus and who he is. When John the Baptist is asked “Who are you” (Jn 1:19) his answer points to Jesus. Fast forward to Jn 21:12: “Now none of the disciples dared to ask Jesus, ‘Who are you?’ because they knew it was the Lord.” (Jn 21:12). Our reading of John will turn this question on each one of us. Who, in your experience, is Jesus?

You can prepare for it by reading the Gospel of John right through, as though you are reading it for the first time. You can do that in an afternoon. It is helpful to use a different translation from the one you usually use, and if possible, one that has no chapter or verse numbers.

For more information, contact Annabel Robinson by email, or call her at (306) 761-1458.

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