August 20 2023

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“The Young Women and Their Lamps”

Bulletin: August 20 2023

Scriptures: Luke 12:35-38, Psalm 119:81-88, 2 Peter 1:16-21, Matthew 25:1-13



Dell Bornowsky

Summer Series at First Baptist:

The parables of Jesus from the Gospel According to Matthew.

Jesus engaged listeners with his parables. They weren’t straightforward and required reflection. Even after hearing the same story, time after time, there seems to be still more. Jesus also used them to present people with a choice. Would they hear and understand? Would they listen?

How many of us enjoy waiting? Is it easier or harder to wait when you have don’t know for sure when whatever you are waiting for will actually happen?   In addition to our own impatience, the difficulties we encounter when we have to wait might include discouragement and the temptations to be distracted or lose hope.  In the parable of the Young Women and their Lamps Jesus seems to warn of another danger – that of not being well prepared when what we are waiting for actually arrives.  Are there any clues in God’s word that might help us to wait well for the Lords arrival but also be ready when the waiting is over? 

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