April 23 2023

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“Meeting Jesus”

The Third Sunday of Easter

Joel Russell-MacLean

Christ is risen!

Maximino Cerezo Barredo (Spanish, 1932–), “Emmaus,” 2002. http://blogs.periodistadigital.com/imagenes.php/2013/04/28/emaus-8. Tags: woman

He is risen indeed! 

In the liturgical calendar, Easter is not limited to a single day. As our children learn in Godly Play, “Easter is the time we celebrate the mystery that Jesus died and that God made him alive again.” Easter has such significance, that the Easter season covers 7 Sundays each year, taking us to Pentecost Sunday. 

Christ is life: Christ is your life!

Today is a day to continue our celebration of Jesus, who is alive and gives life to all.  It is also a day to acknowledge that the journey of faith can come with questions and doubts. I urge you to consider your own doubts and bring them to Jesus, just as Thomas did, to find that it is in Jesus that our life is found, whether or not all of our questions get answered.


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