Make a Difference

It couldn’t be more straight forward. A genuine acceptance or confession of Jesus as Lord should mean a different way of life, life lived on his terms, according to what he says. Anything else isn’t real – it’s just words.

Bringing the Kingdom

The theme of the preaching of Jesus was “The Kingdom of God.” He defined what that meant in the model prayer (we often call it the Lord’s Prayer) which he gave to his disciples – “Your Kingdom come, your will be done.” In typical speech pattern of that time, the second phrase explained the first. The Kingdom then, is whenever and wherever God’s will is accomplished.

God’s will – the Kingdom – is a big thing. It is all encompassing and involves all of life. Some Christians seem to think it is only a matter of inviting people to accept Christ as Lord. Other Christians act as if the Kingdom means only meeting physical needs. We believe it isn’t either/or. It‘s both/and. Doing both is what it means to follow Jesus.

What that means for FBC is that we want people to see the places they work and live and play as places where they follow Jesus.

It also means we’re involved as a church and as individuals in everything from making the good news about Christ known here and around the world to feeding the hungry and caring for seniors, from nurturing youth to refugee ministry. The pages in this section provide a few examples of how we’re making a difference in the world.





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