May 9 2021

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The Leadership of Jesus

Bulletin: Bulletin May 9

Newsletter: Weekly Letter May 9 2021

Scriptures: 1 John 5:1-5; Psalm 98; Mark 8.1-21


Joel Russell-MacLean

Jesus’ leadership, or more properly, his Lordship, came not from a position, but from his character and his way of life. He does not simply model one kind of leadership among many, Jesus is the paradigm against which all who have influence, power, or position will be judged.

Jesus led by taking care of the people who came to him. He became their saviour. He healed them, he knew them by name, he taught them, and he fed them.

Certainly, those who strive to know Jesus more should likewise seek to take care of those around them. Mark’s focus however is not on helping us to live a more useful life. Mark wants us to turn to Jesus in our hunger.

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