May 24 2020

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Learning for Life: Ecclesiastes  9:30

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A Continued Ministry

Live From Lebanon: Mission Fundraiser Luncheon following our worship service

You may wish to prepare something to eat for this virtual luncheon. We will be joined by a student from the Arab Baptist Seminary and with our CBM partners in Lebanon. There will also be an update from our SENT team about the current situation in Lebanon.

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Bulletin: May 24 2020

Newsletter: Weekly Letter May 17 2020

Scriptures: Ephesians 1:15-23; Psalm 93; Luke 24:44-53


Richard Hovey

In Luke 24 is recorded the ascension of Jesus, witnessed by the disciples, with a twofold promise or declaration: that they would receive the Holy Spirit and be Jesus’ witnesses in the world. This account in Luke’s gospel is reiterated in Acts 1, also written by Luke, and he states that in his gospel account he wrote about all that Jesus began to do, suggesting that the Book of Acts is Jesus continued ministry in and through his disciples. In light of Jesus’ ascension and gift of the Spirit, we today who have put our faith in Christ are part of the continued ministry of Christ in the world.

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