February 11 2024

Learning for Life: 9:30 am – The Gospel According to Mark 

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“Following Jesus”

Bulletin: February 11 2024

Scriptures: Mark 8:27 – 9:9



Joel Russell-MacLean

The peace God announced to shepherds at Jesus’ birth is brought into being on earth upon Jesus’ baptism. The comfort and joy of Christmas spills over into the season of Epiphany, a season celebrating the light of God revealed on earth and culminating in the brilliancy of Jesus transfigured on the mountain. 

The Gospel According to Mark focuses intensely on Jesus from beginning to end. There is little instruction for the disciples. Other people are given little attention: we are meant to see Jesus. Every encounter reveals his authority. The story is fast-paced and direct. Jesus moves from one place to the next “immediately.”  There is one event and then another until suddenly, he is on trial in Jerusalem. But neither Jerusalem, nor Rome, nor death can stop Jesus. 

Mark’s call to humanity is a roar, a summons more than an invitation. Jesus is bringing the kingdom of God to earth. Will you leave your life behind and follow him?

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