April 9 2023

Learning for Life: No class Easter Sunday; resumes April 16th. 

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“The Foundation of the World”

Easter Sunday

Joel Russell-MacLean

Christ is risen!

He is risen indeed! 

Like the ripples from a stone thrown into water, the impact of Jesus’ birth, life, death and resurrection spread out further and further, in time and space, backwards and forwards. In this story, we are looking at life and the giver of life. 

Christ is life: Christ is your life!

Today is a day to enter into the celebration of Jesus, who is alive and gives life to all. Put aside any reasons to hold back or resist. Join in the feast – everyone is invited!

Come out or join online for the most joyful service of the year, full of singing and celebrating God’s victory over sin and death! We will end with singing the Hallelujah chorus followed by an Easter egg hunt for the children. 



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