April 24 2022

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“So That You May Have Life”

The Second Sunday of Easter


Bulletin: April 24, 2022

Newsletter: April 24, 2022

Scriptures: Ezekiel 36:25-30, 33-36; Psalm 96; John 20:19-31



Joel Russell-MacLean

Being alive is not a simple thing to describe – it is complex, there are many things that go into ‘being alive’.

The new life that Jesus introduced into the world is complex in the same way. It isn’t just about living forever in paradise.

Eternal life is something that begins in people when they turn to Jesus.

The effect of death itself was changed. There is a new connection to God through the Holy Spirit, a new relevance to our work and prayer, a new source of forgiveness and goodness, a presence in worship and scripture reading, and we are made part of the church. We sometimes try a bit of this eternal life here and a bit there but life doesn’t react well when it is treated that way, with parts empty or missing. Eternal life, like the life we knew before, is meant to be lived out fully.
Many of us have our attention on the humanitarian crisis unleashed in Ukraine. Please use your Lenten fast to pray for all the people involved and consider giving to CBM or other charities.




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