March 15 2020

A Cry of the Heart

Learning for Life: 9:30

Worship Service: 11:00 am

Listen to the sermon Joel Russell-MacLean

Bulletin: March 15 2020

Newsletter:  March 2020

Scriptures: Psalm 85:4-7; Matthew 21:1-19 


Joel Russell-MacLean

When God’s people thought of the temple, they thought of the very presence of God. It was the throne seat of God. They traveled from around the world to enter and, in God’s very presence, to offer their thanksgiving, to receive healing, to pray for their needs, to be taught from scripture, and to be forgiven for their sins.

Jesus had been travelling from one town to another, doing just those things.

Jesus is now the centre of God very presence on earth.

Whoever wants to speak with God, whoever is seeking healing or forgiveness, whoever wishes to thank come, must now come to Jesus. Jesus’ prophetic actions against the temple predicted it’s destruction – it was no longer needed. This event likely sealed his fate with with the powers that be in Jerusalem.


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