September 2023

Invited to Be Faithful           

This summer, our van reached a milestone – 250,000km on the odometer. Once safe, I parked, took a picture and thanked God for the gift of a reliable family vehicle. God’s faithfulness to us is evident in a variety of ways. How have you seen God’s faithfulness recently in your life?

And what does it mean for us to be faithful to God? At times, we sense God asking us to set aside our own desires to give more to others. In other seasons, health or other limitations ask us to be faithful in waiting, in slowness, in giving up our wants.

God has begun a good work in us and will see it through to completion. The call to faithfulness can be challenging at moments. But ultimately, it is an invitation to be refined more into the likeness of Christ. It shapes us. And it prepares us to meet our Lord and maker.

As we head into this fall, how is God calling you to be faithful – both throughout the upcoming months and in the little moments that ultimately make up our days, weeks and months?

With love, Pastor Kayely


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