June 4 2023

Every year we pass through three celebrations: Jesus’ ascension to the Father’s presence, the Holy Spirit sent by the Father to us, and finally, Trinity Sunday. These celebrations highlight that the Godhead has three distinct persons who, together, are one being. Each person is fully God—not one third of God. But at the same time each person of the Godhead is distinct. This is love, perfect unity and diversity.

The nature of the Godhead is reflected in a way in our congregation at its best. This is why we are striving to host events where all ages and backgrounds can be together. This is our calling.

We are also thinking about outreach. Many in our city have concluded that they neither need nor care for “church. ” But there is a longing for community, where young and old know each other and different people sit down together. Even more, there is a longing to see such groups sharing a spiritual life together.

You will find lots of opportunity to enjoy the deep friendships that have grown and to make new ones. There’s no expectation to come to everything. But consider where you could take part and, even more, who you might invite.

God has made himself “A Place to Belong” for everyone. The Spirit invites us in turn to live that out amongst ourselves.

With love, Pastor Joel


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