July 24 2022

(Norma Holtslander)

Ruth, the Moabite                 

At First Baptist Place, we have been looking at the book of Ruth during our chapel times. It is such a positive book placed in the middle of the darkness and disobedience of Israel and her judges; a book of hope, healing and love.

Ruth is a book of love: The committed love of a daughter-in-law for her mother-in-law; the love of the women of Bethlehem for Naomi; the love of a man for a woman; the love of a grandmother for her grandson; the love of God for a bitter woman; the love of God for his people – not only the Israelites, but for us who have chosen to be people of God.

In these four short chapters, the author refers to Ruth as “Ruth, the Moabite,” making it clear that she is a foreigner, an alien, a refugee. Yet not only was she welcomed into the town, and not only did she marry an influential citizen of the town, she also became the great grandmother of King David! As a result, in Matthew 1, she is even included in the lineage of Jesus. That’s amazing!

In Ruth 2:3b “And as it happened…, she (Ruth) ‘found herself’ working in the field that belonged to Boaz, the relative of her father-in-law, Elimelech.” Was it “happenstance” or just a coincidence that she chose, or came across the field belonging to Boaz? A long shot? I don’t think so. As we look backwards, we can see that God’s plan was evident. Evident for Naomi, who at first, thought God had abandoned her. Evident for Ruth, a young foreign woman who could have been rejected but was not.

Reflecting on your life right now, how convinced are you that God wants to be involved in your life to accomplish his purposes and plans? What evidence, or lack of evidence, can you point to, to support your conclusions?

— Norma

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