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September 24 2023

Learning for Life: The first session begins this Sunday at 9:30

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“Living Out of Gratitude”

Bulletin: Bulletin September 24

Scriptures: Deuteronomy 15, 23:19-25, 24:10-15; Psalm 112; Matthew 6:19-24



Annabel Robinson

This fall, we are reading through Deuteronomy, one of the five books of Torah, the Law or the Teaching. We will be reciting the Ten Commandments and reflecting upon them as a call to live right in all parts of life. Returning to these rules for life is never wasted. The instruction is basic yet challenging enough for the best of us. 

Deuteronomy makes a few things clear before getting into the specifics of the law. 

The law is sign of God’s love and the obedience of God’s people is a response. 

God had saved Israel from slavery, led them through the desert, and gave them a land of their own, all before presenting them with the law. They had not earned any of this or God’s favour. Their obedience was meant to be an expression of their gratitude and faith.

The law gave Israel a way to live that would allow families, villages, cities, animals, and the land itself, to thrive. The law was for “their lasting good” and “to keep them alive.” Other nations would be impressed with the wisdom of their way of life. 

Deuteronomy describes a faith that is lived and shared. One generation taught the next by living it out in homes, at work, at rest – everywhere. Many times, the vision revealed is beautiful. 


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