Folks at First – Hilary Ryan

An interview with Hilary Ryan

When I met Hilary to talk about this interview, she had three small books of photographs on the table. They were collections of photographs she had taken and had bound into books. I picked up one with photos of the Qu’Appelle Valley. The photographs were stunning.

Hilary, tell me about these photographs.

It’s my form of relaxation. I took some of them very early in the morning. That one of crocuses that you’re looking at was shot directly into the sun, (something one isn’t supposed to do). That’s why you can see the furry-ness of the stalks.

I made a collection of pictures to illustrate Psalm 150, one of my favourite psalms, and gave copies to the pastors. Joel asked me if he could have extra copies to give to the children as they graduated from Sunday School. I was happy to do that. I used photos of the church to illustrate it.

As Bill and I do our daily scripture reading (we have read through the whole bible once a year for the past four years) I note verses that bring an image to my mind and collect the photos and put them together with the verses into photo books. Sometimes I put pictures and scripture on my Face Book page.

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