Folks at First – Annabel Robinson

An Interview with Annabel Robinson

You can read the interview included in our October 2018 newsletter.

Annabel, could you tell us something about your childhood, your family, and your growing up?

I was born in Kew, just outside of London, right next to the famous Kew Gardens. We were the third house from the gardens and I spent a lot of time there. So I grew up with a great love of plants and flowers. My parents weren’t Christians and my dad was very hostile to Christianity. But this was England so the schools I attended were Anglican, and it was written into legislation that every child had to learn Scripture, but it was all formality. It didn’t mean anything all.

How did you become a Christian?

When I was in my teens, I started to ask questions. I started to turn over in my own mind: if Jesus died for the whole world, then why was the whole world such a mess? And how could the death of someone 2000 years ago have any meaning for me today?

Did anything in particular cause you to start thinking about these things?

Jesus dying for the whole world was just something I’d been taught at school. But the crux came when I was 16, and my parents let me go to camp with some friends from school. It was jointly run by Scripture Union and InterVarsity. There I heard the gospel and everything clicked. I surrendered to Christ. He was right there. Everything changed overnight. I was a different person.

What changed for you?

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Interviewer: Tiffany Lai