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What is Voice?

Voice is a women’s literature group which meets every two weeks. We discuss a book related to our spiritual journey.

Additionally, we also meet occasionally to discuss a novel over a meal. This “novel” event is open to a wider audience, and allows first-timers an easy entry into the group.

Reading and discussing literature is a way of understanding our society, and how as Christians to relate intelligently to our ever changing world. We often gain insights about ourselves when we read. This is one way we can “love the Lord with our minds” and truly “Think First.” And it’s just plain fun too!

The “Novel” Event is Open to All

This event is open to any woman who has read the book and would like to meet new people and join in fellowship and friendship.

What are we reading for the “Novel” discussion?

“The Last Train to Leningrad ” 

by David Funk

When Franz Funk purchases the large West-Siberian estate Lyubimovka, Village of Love, he thinks he has found the perfect place for his family to put down roots and flourish. It isn’t long, though, before the Bolshevik Revolution, Civil War, and Communism turn his family’s pastoral world upside down.

As years pass under Stalin’s oppressive rule, life becomes increasingly unbearable for the Funks. Emigration seems their only chance for survival. They must risk their lives and their children’s futures as they decide whether it is better to hold on to everything they know and love, or to join a spontaneous migration to Moscow of thousands of people united in the desperate hope they will be allowed to emigrate to the country of their dreams, Canada.

The Last Train to Leningrad is not only one family’s story. It is part of a collective story that spans centuries and continents. It is the story of people who choose to become refugees because life as they know it has become impossible. It is the universal story of people seeking a place where they may live peaceably and worship their God in freedom. The Last Train To Leningrad speaks to anyone who has ever sought a safe place to call home.


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For more information, or to RSVP, contact Laureen Snook, send an email to the church, or call (306) 359-1450.



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