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What is Voice?

Voice is a women’s literature group which meets every two weeks. We discuss a book related to our spiritual journey.

Additionally, we also meet occasionally to discuss a novel over a meal. This “novel” event is open to a wider audience, and allows first-timers an easy entry into the group.

Reading and discussing literature is a way of understanding our society, and how as Christians to relate intelligently to our ever changing world. We often gain insights about ourselves when we read. This is one way we can “love the Lord with our minds” and truly “Think First.” And it’s just plain fun too!

The “Novel” Event is Open to All

fbcevent_VoiceNovel_SurprisedByOxford-wAuthorThis event is open to any woman who has read the book and would like to meet new people and join in fellowship and friendship.

What are we reading for the “Novel” discussion?

Carolyn Weber‘s “Surprised by Oxford 

Weber is a Canadian woman from Ontario who went to Oxford on scholarship to study Romantic Literature. At that time, she felt no need for God. This book documents her experience in what Allister McGrath calls, “A hugely readable journey of cultural and spiritual discover sparkling with wit and wisdom.

“Most people who have never actually read the menu probably assume they can order à la carte at the Jesus table or customize their own recipe of faith … The morning after I heard the gospel I woke up with what felt like a hangover.”

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We are meeting at Martha P’s on Saturday, January 13, 10:00 am for a potluck brunch meal. Call Laureen at 306-757-8403 or the church office at 306-359-1450 to indicate your attendance or for further details.

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