Learning for Life: Discover the Bible

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This event finished on 28 May 2017

fbcL4L_DiscoverTheBible_300x127Join with us for a short (4 sessions) exploration of the Bible – the most influential book of all time! Explore when it was written, how it was put together and preserved through the ages. Ask questions – is the Bible a book of history or poetry? Is it true and verifiable or is it myths that we no longer need now that we have scientific explanations?

New format and time

Lunch & Learn, 12:30 to 1:30 pm, May 7, 14, 21, 28. Bring your own lunch and join us! Child care will be available for those with very little children.

Facilitated by Rosemary Ward and Derrick Bellows.


Perhaps you have known and loved daily Bible readings for decades, or perhaps you are just beginning. Maybe you have children who are just old enough to start reading their Bibles on their own and want to be able to answer their questions and guide them. Or maybe you have secretly asked yourself how this ancient book of myth and magic could be taken seriously by so many otherwise intelligent people!

I know that when I first started reading the Bible, I began at Genesis 1:1, determined to read it through from start to finish and not miss a word! But then I got bogged down somewhere in Leviticus and put it aside for a while! Someone suggested that the gospel of John was a great place to start, so I read that en- tire gospel weekly for a month, but was startled to find that there was no Christmas story, and some of the events seemed out of order.

– Rosemary

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