L4L: Thrive

Event Details

This event finished on 30 December 2018

The goal of this class is to grow a community of parents who wish to use Biblical principles and practical solutions in raising their families. This class is for both new and experienced parents who will mutually support and encourage each other.

This class for families, which runs 9:30-10:30 am Sundays, will include:

  • a 15 minute teaching video
  • discussion (over muffins & fruit)
  • a weekly family activity to do together at home during the week.

Some of the topics which will be touched on include:

  • The Importance of Parenting
  • How We Solve Parenting Problems
  • How to Motivate Your Child
  • Parenting is Heart Work
  • Honour Changes Everything
  • Solutions for Anger in Family Life
  • Parenting & Church Resources
  • Pass the Faith Onto Your Kids
  • Firmness Without Harshness
  • Equip Your Children, not just Reward and Punish
  • Help Children be Responsible and Accountable
  • Questions From Your Personal Experience

Join us this journey to help our children THRIVE!


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