L4L: The Book of Ezekiel

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This event finished on 08 December 2019

September 15 to December 8, 2019

Dr. Kelvin Friebel will be leading a class on the book of Ezekiel. This class will begin with information on how to read Old Testament prophecy followed by an introduction to the book of Ezekiel. The remainder of the classes will break down different key chapters in Ezekiel, including:

  • Ezekiel’s call to be a prophet,
  • Ezekiel’s weird behaviour,
  • Israel the unfaithful wife,
  • God and the foreign nations,
  • God restoring his presence, and more!

Dr. Friebel’s doctoral studies are in Hebrew and Semitic studies and he has a long history of teaching the Old Testament at CTS, Houghton College, and more recently at Briercrest College and Seminary.

Listen to the lessons:

  • Oct. 6     Rev. Richard Hovey    Rev. Richard Hovey: “Prophecy in this day and age”


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