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This event finished on 06 December 2020

A Study of the Epistle of Romans

Beginning September 13

Please join us online for the sessions – Click this link 


The Epistle of Paul to the Romans focuses on Paul’s message to the followers in Rome, who are under the shadow of Caesar. Paul states that God’s plan for the world has been revealed through Jesus, and his message demonstrates that God has been faithful to his covenant with Israel.Reading Romans Backwards: A Gospel of Peace in the Midst of Empire by [Scot McKnight]

Reading Romans Backwards

“I’ll never read the book of Romans the same way again.” This comment comes again and again in the reviews on Amazon of Scot McKnight’s book, “Reading Romans Backwards”. He believes that, just like all the other epistles, Romans was a pastoral letter, written to address a particular issue in the church at Rome. He writes about Paul’s “lived theology”.

Whether you’ve read or studied Romans many times or this is your first time, this book will offer new insights, “aha” moments, and will invite you to re-examine what you thought Romans was all about.

This class will be based on McKnight’s book. Annabel will be leading this class.

Annabel: “I have been personally challenged by its message and pray you will be too.”

Learning for Life works well on Zoom! We’ll be able to see one another’s faces as we share our ideas.


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